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Lactation Support

Wonderland Therapy uses a combination of lactation (certified lactation counselor) expertise and occupational therapy (OT) knowledge, in order to support you and your baby. 

Wonderland Therapy uses a holistic approach to address infant feeding issues.

Looking at multiple factors that impact breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding, providing various treatments, and using methods to meet your feeding goals, may include addressing oral motor skills, sensory processing, gross motor skills, functional feeding, and more!

Services are individualized for you and can address: 

  • pre/post frenectomy care (tongue tie, lip ties)

  • Pumping (increasing milk supply, returning to work, pumping, and flange fitting)

  • Bottle feeding (infant formula, supplementing, bottle refusal)

  • “Bodywork”: gentle, hands-on therapy for positioning and gross motor concerns

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