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Wonderland Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy

In-home or Community Settings
Clinic setting- coming Summer 2022

Help your child be successful with their daily activities!

OT sessions can address all of the following areas:

  • Activities of Daily Living

    • dressing, grooming, bathing/toileting, eating, etc

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Sensory Processing Skills

  • Social/Play Skills

  • Behavioral Concerns/Challenges

  • Cognitive skills (attention, memory, and more)​

To discuss concerns or schedule an evaluation, contact us using the button below, or schedule a free discovery call (found under "book online"). 


Feeding Therapy
and Lactation Support

Individual support for feeding skills of infants and children

Feeding difficulties can affect children of any age, starting from birth:

  • infants (breast, bottle, or solid food concerns)

  • toddlers

  • school-age children

  • teenagers

Individual services are provided by a licensed occupational therapist with advanced training in oral-motor development, sensory-based feeding difficulties, medical complexities, and social-emotional and behavioral difficulties surrounding eating/feeding.

The therapist will work closely with your medical provider in order to ensure health and safety while addressing feeding concerns. 

Lactation support can be provided by a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) within feeding therapy for infant and parent duos. Lactation support can also be provided via consultation for topics such as milk supply, pumping, prenatal consultations, and more. Reach out for more information. 

Learn more about feeding therapy and evaluations below. 


Enrichment Programs

Inclusive for all children

Wonderland Therapy's enrichment programs promote child development through fun and motivating play.

Wonderland Therapy offers a variety of enrichment programs:​​

  • Wonderland Babies

    • 0-12 months

  • Wonderland Tots

    • 12-24 month olds

  • Sensory Explorers

    • 2-5 years old​

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions! 

Diverse Kindergarten

Parent and Caregiver Education

Children don't come with manuals.

Wonderland Therapy is committed to supporting parents and caregivers.

We offer educational sessions to help with various aspects of child development.

Upcoming Educational Sessions:

  • Growing Healthy Eaters

    • Managing picky eating in toddlers and young children. Research-based methods to improve picky eating and identify strategies you can do at home to help ease mealtime stress. Appropriate for any caregivers who feed children. 

  • Getting a Solid Start​

    • Overwhelmed by the thought of starting foods with your infant? Unsure of offering purees, solid foods, or how to transition to table foods? Difficulty getting your child to take a cup? Not sure what equipment you need? All those answers and more in this session. 

  • Sensory Processing Basics 

    • Learn about the sensory system, what sensory processing is, and how difficulties with sensory processing can affect your child in daily life.

    • Learn strategies of how to help children with sensory difficulties. ​



Need some guidance? 

Looking for guidance on your child's development? Having difficulty managing tricky behaviors? Have concerns about their development?

Consults are offered on the following areas: 

  • Picky eating/feeding concerns

  • Lactation Support

  • Child development 

  • Infant development 

  • Sensory processing skills and regulation skills 

  • Handwriting and fine motor skills

  • Education to staff/providers of childcare programming (daycares, private schools, etc) 

Consultations are provided as general education and are not direct occupational therapy services. 

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Wondering how to get a referral?

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Unsure if a shorter consult or a full evaluation is needed?

Have questions about enrichment programs or educational classes? 

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