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Play Center

Open Play- Play Center:

Mondays 9-11am

Open play in the play center: gross motor, fine motor, sensory play, imagination stations, and more!

Perfect for children ages 0-8.

Cost is $10 per child, adults are free.


Toddler Time: Offered twice a month

Thursdays from 9-10:30am

Ages 0-3 years only!

$8 per child, adults are free.

​Play Center activities and equipment are specifically designed and selected to develop children's motor, sensory, and cognitive skills.

Play options include:

  • gross motor (climbing, swinging, and more)

  • fine motor stations

  • sensory play

  • cognitive and pretend play options

  • baby/toddler areas


There are dedicated areas for infants and toddlers, for them to play safely, as well as options for older children, while caregivers can sit and mingle.

Come play with a purpose!


All participants must fill out waiver prior to playing. See wavier link below.

Join the Fun! 

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