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We believe that children are highly capable of achieving their goals with the proper support. 

Serving ages 0 - 21 in the greater La Crosse, WI area.

Check out our services below! 

Our Services

Wondering if Occupational Therapy is right for your child?

Download Wonderland Therapy's Occupational Therapy (OT) checklist to see if OT could help your child.

-Nicole, mom

"She is amazing! Very knowledgeable in child development, so personable and fun to work with, and all the kids love her. I highly recommend her!"

-Kelly, mom

"There were so many things that I loved about OT through Wonderland Therapy but the most important one to me was having at home sessions with the ability to be virtual. Having therapy at our home, made it easier on my daughter."


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Need some guidance?

Looking for guidance on your child's development? Having difficulty managing tricky behaviors? Have concerns about their development?

We offer consults on the following areas: 

  • Picky eating/feeding concerns

  • Child development education and concerns 

  • Infant development education and concerns

  • Sensory processing skills and regulation skills 

  • Handwriting and fine motor skills

  • Education to staff/providers of childcare programming (daycares, private schools, etc) 

Wondering how to get a referral?

Don't know if your child would benefit from OT services?

Unsure if a shorter consult or a full evaluation is needed?

Have questions about enrichment programs or educational classes? 

Send us a quick summary of concerns and we will get back to you!​

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About Us

Wonderland Therapy works with you and your child, using their interests, to make each session meet their unique needs. We are able to provide services in a variety of environments, including in your home and in community settings.  


Wonderland Therapy provides individual occupational therapy services, which is specialized treatment to improve a person's ability to complete their "occupations", which are the things they do every day. For children, these are things like playing, completing activities of daily living (eating, dressing, bathing, grooming), interacting with others, and learning. 

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